Thursday, March 13, 2008

My turn to "rant" about Marty and Floyd Landis

I get lazy about writing. Well let me amend that statement, I am NOT really lazy about blogging. I blog every day over at TBV, but I have been remiss over here in my own little world as you can see by the date of my last entry. Martin Dugard, however, has inspired me to get off my butt and do a little spouting all my own. I can say here what I like, as opposed to what I feel comfortable saying over on TBV where I must remain at least a bit politically correct (or objective, whichever term pleases you the most.) After I read the utterly presumptive, obnoxious, disloyal crap Marty wrote yesterday about Floyd Landis, and others, I figured if not now when? So here I am spouting off about a jerk who doesn't deserve my time. Marty spouted himself about a few things yesterday that he obviously needs schooling in, so come on Marty tell us when was the last time you got to watch Floyd Landis interact with his dad? You seem to put a lot of stock in the "Dugardian" brand of pseudo-psychology you use to determine that Floyd's relationship with his father is in part responsible for what you base your final conclusions upon. Guess what Marty, some of us have actually had the chance to see the two of them in proximity, extensively I might add. The angst and drama you suppose just does not exist, at least not from what I saw. Sorry Marty, but it's all in your head, as I suspect a LOT of what you wrote the other day may be. No Marty, YOU are the one who needs some kind of "analysis". What you wrote did not edify, or illuminate, but what you wrote accomplished what I feel you wanted it to, and that was to get ATTENTION. Maybe you are feeling a bit ignored, or lost in the shuffle as it were, only you know that. Yup Marty, you are like a lot of the little boys I teach in elementary school, any attention is good so long as YOU are at the center of it. Well kid, you're not fooling many of us who are informed, we know that it is all about YOU. So, have fun in your playpen of bitter disillusionment, it suits you to a tee. Next time you wander out however, try to think it out a bit more before you stab two old friends in the back, 'cause Marty it's you who comes out stinking like leftover fish on Friday night.


Anonymous said...

So sorry this is what brought you out to write. I have to say I avoided the whole thing for almost a week. Just reading the Orange Coast article was enough, his blog was more than I could face. I have been tempted more than once in the past week to comment on his site, but somehow it felt like stepping off the curb into the dog pile; couldn't do it. I know the reason for my reaction has to do with past episodes where commenting only led to true unpleasantness.

Although I was offended by Dugard's professing to be a supporter of Floyd, and then publicly turning against him, and publishing a private comment Floyd made without any support or follow up, what offended me the most was the clear opportunism in the timing of the article. He says he was approached by the editor to comment in advance of the CAS hearing. Oh, that means he doesn't need to be a responsible writer? Does this absolve him of responsible journalism, and the ability to read? Evidently he cannot actually get through the documents posted on TBV or even the analysis you and the team provide for those of us who are scientifically challenged. I find him to be an intellectually lazy writer. And now it turns out, he cannot be trusted personally or professionally either.

Money and as you pointed out, attention, seem to be his goal. He successfully increased the activity on his site, prompted a flurry of activity on a number of other sites, and gained, I am sure, a level of notoriety he didn't have before.

For all the research he apparently does for his historical nonfiction, applying that same standard to his "sports writing" seems to be beyond him. Anyone can write a personal opinion, but it still demands some intelligence and decency, both of which he seems to somehow be lacking.


Ali said...

Class always wins through in the end. Always. Bye bye Mr Dugard, you just pulled the eject cord too soon. You never really had the class to realise that if you do it when you're upside down, you get burned.

On another issue, who are those two incredibly fine looking females in that photo below. Grrrrr !

strbuk said...

Which photos below Ali? ALL the women in my blog are pretty fine, I'd say! :-) I am in the immediate picture below with Floyd's wife Amber. I am the taller of the two. A friend of mine appears in the photo below that with Floyd in Richmond from, last April. And I am the one with the goofy smile pictured with Floyd from ( I can't believe it's been a year) last March in Lancaster at an FFF evnet. Hope that helps!

Paula (aka str)

Ali said...

Er ... I may be blushing.

It may be the case that I had more than my usual mineral water to drink yesterday. I seem to recall that a medicinal glass or two(?) of red wine may have been involved.

Anyway, um ... yes. Must dash !

Cheers, Ali

strbuk said...

No worries on that score Ali, I have been known to throw back a couple of cosmos myself once or twice a week :-)